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Introduction and Summary

In this section of the web site various family trees are presented to help keep the characters straight as other sections of the web site are read.  Avoiding confusion about the many individuals is a challenge because often children were named for their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. in subsequent generations.  For instance, so far the Jünger\Yinger family tree I have compiled includes 9 different John Yingers, 5 different Jacob Yingers, 5 different George Yingers, and 4 different Samuel Yingers.

In the future, I hope to expand the presented Jünger\Yinger family tree further as time permits.  Hopefully, Yinger relatives who visit this web site will make contributions to me about their particular branch of the Jünger\Yinger family.  No doubt, as expansion occurs the potential for even more confusion may increase from the repetition of given names. 

The Jünger\Yinger family tree presented in this section of the web site is a work in progress.  My initial goal has been to build an all-inclusive tree for the descendents of Johann Paul Jünger at least through approximately the 5th generation.  That has been a challenge for reasons I will discuss in the narrative area that focuses on the Jünger\Yinger family tree presented in this section of the web site.

Other family trees are presented for families who had early close connections with descendants of Johann Paul Jünger through intermarriage.  Included are family trees for the Broband, Grove, Fetrow, Keister, Fischer and Updegraff families.  Generally, I tried to take these family trees back at least to the point of the immigrant ancestor who came from Europe. 

The family trees presented for the families closely connected to the Yinger family are taken, whenever possible, to the point of a generation or two beyond their intermarriage to a Yinger family member.  I did this to demonstrate the impact of the intermarriage on the Yinger family tree and its individuals and family units.

Many different sources of information were used and consulted in constructing the family trees presented on this web site.  The sources include wills, estate file documents, tombstone inscriptions, published histories of York County including those of Gibson and Prowell, census listings and family tree postings on and and other genealogy web sites. 

While every effort has been made to maintain accuracy, no doubt, errors have found their way into the family trees presented.  I stand ready and willing to make any corrections based on valid, documented input from anyone who wishes to make me aware of relationship or date or other errors for any of the family trees included.  My choice to use the internet approach rather than attempting a book was based in part on my desire to continue to correct any errors that may appear in my data.

Through the course of this family history project I have met a number of fellow descendants of our common ancestor Johann Paul Jünger who are living today.  In every case, I had not previously met or known these distant relatives prior to starting on this journey of discovery.  Inevitably one of the first questions I have received when connecting for the first time with these Yinger family relatives has been “where do you fit in to the family tree?”

Therefore, before venturing into the comprehensive family trees for the Jünger\Yinger family and other closely connected families, it would be appropriate, in my opinion, to disclose my personal line of descent from our common Germanic immigrant ancestor Johann Paul Jünger.  The link to that section of this web site is included below.  Also included are links to other family tree related pages covered in this section of the web site.

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